Bowling Etiquette

Bowling etiquette ie good behaviour on the green Some guidelines which if observed help maintain the sportsmanship necessary when playing bowls.

1. Wear the correct shoes (and dress) for each occasion,

2. Arrive at the green in good time for the start of the game or match.

3. Do not drop bowls onto the green – place them down.

4. Shake hands with your opponent(s) before the game.

5. Stand behind the mat until its your turn to bowl. When your bowl comes to rest possession of the rink passes to your opponent(s). You should be behind the mat or behind the head. DO NOT shout up for information until you regain possession of the rink. When at the head stand still when anyone is bowling or preparing to bowl.

6. When the last bowl of the end has come to rest, stand well clear and do not disturb the head until the correct team member has decided the number of shots to be awarded. Normally the players deciding the shots are:- in pairs the lead, in triples the second, and in fours the third.

7. When deciding the number of shots, do not kick the bowls out. Walking about the head, kicking the bowls out can lead to a disturbed head and unnecessary disagreement. Take the bowls out by hand and put them where they can easily be counted.

8. If opponents cannot decide the result of an end, an umpire should be called. Whenever an umpire is called, stand well clear until he/she makes a decision. Accept these decisions without question.

9. Appreciate good bowling and acknowledge “flukes”. It is a sporting gesture to commend a good bowl of your opponents and of players in your own team. DO NOT applaud an opponents mistake, if an opponents bowl renders his/her position worse it would be better to commiserate.

10. After the game shake hands with the other player(s). If losing, accept defeat gracefully and congratulate the winner(s).

11. Do not blame the green or the rink – the conditions are the same for both sides.

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