Measuring Guidelines

First thought when approaching a measure – wedging.
Does the bowl (or more than one) need wedging? Use enough wedges.
Be careful to tread carefully – sudden movement could cause displacement.
Could the bowl(s) fall? In which direction? Don’t turn your back on a wedging situation.
Wedging required when Measuring or when taking out another bowl lying on the one to be measured.

Box Measure
Extend the tape some of the distance before placing the measure.
Apply firm pressure to the release button to avoid jerking the tape.
Do not “cock” the pointer Always go back to the first measure.
Carry by the box end, not the pointer end Measure enough times until completely satisfied

Calliper Measure
Used when there is insufficient room to apply a box measure with comfort – about less than nine inches.
Make sure that the arms are fully extended.
Ensure the efficient winding by cleaning and drying after use, especially after wet conditions.
Extend the arms of the calliper to just below the required distance before starting to measure.
Support one or both hands on the green.
Measure to the nearest points, therefore tilt the calliper because the jack is smaller than the bowl.
Remove the calliper when making final adjustments to the arms, this lessens the chance of displacing the jack or even the bowl – especially on indoor greens.

Feeler Gauges
Use singularly or in combination.
Could use white strips (paper/plastic), clear background.
Open up all the blades, chose a blade or blades, start small.
Insert and remove adding blades until the gap is filled, move to the other bowl(s).
If the gauge will not pass through it is closer than the other.
If it passes through the other bowl is nearer.

Ditch Measure
Whenever possible use a string measure because the bowl(s) and jack are on different planes.
If possible do not stand in the ditch, this could cause bowl(s) or jack to move.
Do not “cock” the pointer keep it in line with the string.

Get an assistant for long measures.
Assistant at the jack end.
If you are a marker making a measure, indicate the shot, ie express an opinion but wait until the players are satisfied before marking the card.
If acting as an umpire, push out the bowl(s) you have decided as shot(s)

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