Quick Overview Of The Laws

A selection of the bowling laws handy for new bowlers

1. Toss a coin to decide who plays first.

2. The mat should be placed on the centre line at least two meters from the rear ditch and not less than 25 metres from the front ditch. (the jack should be placed at least a minimum of 23 metres from the front of the mat.)

3. At the moment of delivering the jack or bowl one foot should be completely on or over the mat.

4. Bowls which end outside the side boundaries of the rink are deemed ‘dead’ and should be removed and placed on the bank. Remove those bowls which end in the ditch, apart from a toucher. A toucher is a bowl which in its original course touches the jack in the playing area. Should a toucher pass straight into the ditch or is subsequently knocked in by another bowl it will remain ‘a live bowl’. Touchers should be marked with chalk as soon as they come to rest. If there is a danger of moving the bowl, or displacing the head in the act of marking it, it should be ‘indicated’ as a ‘toucher’ ie agreed by opponents.

5. A jack driven beyond the boundaries of the rink is accounted ‘dead’. This end is replayed. However, if when measuring for ‘shot’ opponents bowls are equal distance or both touching the jack, this is an end played, but no score is added to the card.

6. Players duties – using a fours game as a basis. The lead – places the mat and delivers the jack ensuring that it is centred before playing the bowl. The second – keeps checking the score board and adjusting scores when at the score board end. The third – is usually delegated the task of measuring any disputed shots. The skip – is in sole charge of his/her team. The skip keeps the scorecard and ensures all names of Players from both sides are recorded. If an end is disputed by the thirds the skips have to decide. If the skips cannot agree, the point of dispute is considered by an umpire.

7. Persons not engaged in the game should be clear of the rink of play and shall not, by word or act disturb Or advise the players.

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