Out with the Old and In with the New!

As you read this our club is in transition from a Limited Company to a Company Limited by Guarantee. We are operating as a Community Amateur Sports Club. (CASC). Our new name is Lyndhurst Bowling Club (1905) Ltd. This change gives us certain financial advantages which were not available to us as a Limited Company. An example of this is our ability to claim Gift Aid on donations to the club. It also means that we are able to bid for grant money that we could not previously access. However, and most importantly, the club ethos remains the same. We are a diverse organisation of which anyone may become a member regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities or political allegiances.
We are introducing activities that can benefit anyone in the local community.

We are striving to make best use of our facilities and not just for bowling. Community activities are becoming more prevalent and this attracts more members to our club. In the last year we have introduced a Local History Club, superbly run by Peter Annable, and this regularly has attendances of 50 people both members and non-members. The guest speakers have been excellent and you always learn something new. Ballroom Dancing Lessons are another recent innovation. Club Captain Fred Dunlop and his wife Eleanor brought is a teacher and the take-up has been tremendous. It is fair to say that we have yet to spot a new Fred and Ginger but it is tremendous fun.

Our next project is starting a Dementia Cafe; once a month at first. We have had guidance from the Alzheimers Society on this and we will be reporting on progress.

We could not have done this without financial assistance by way of a grant from Suez Business Trust who have certainly shown the benevolent side of big business.

The full history of the club is available in the archive section.