Clubhouse Improvements and updates

Five years ago the committee of the day compiled a five year plan designed to take the club forward. This has been a success and the biggest change is in the increase of club membership. The appearance of our venerable club has also subtly changed . New doors are in place at the side of the club and this has improved access for wheelchair users. New doors and windows have been fitted to the ladies changing rooms and the main clubhouse. New doors were recently fitted to the gents locker room and the main door to Durham Road will be renewed shortly.

The ramps and handrails have greatly improved ease of access to the buildings and new floor, blinds and furniture have greatly improved the appearance and functionality of the clubhouse. A top class a/v system and pull down screen with improved lighting have transformed the clubhouse. We feel now that the members have a clubhouse the equal of most clubs.

If you think that there are areas that could still do with upgrading or replacing then let the committee know. Make use of the suggestion box in the clubhouse and all suggestions will be evaluated by the committee and incorporated into our plan when approved. otherwise contact Mike Nye or George Dodsworth.