Dementia Cafe

At long last we are making progress with opening a Dementia Cafe at Lyndhurst. The intention is to run this, monthly at first, until we gain some experience of how to operate efficiently. Sadly, however, our progress has come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus. In the meantime members will notice a few changes around the club. Doors will be painted to become more prominent to Dementia Sufferers and signage will be changed following advice from the Alzheimers Society.

Anyone with dementia will be welcome along with carers to enjoy tea and coffee, hear music, take part in different games and pastimes or just talk.

The committee decided on this venture since as part of the community, we believe our club has certain social responsibilities within our community. The cafe will be open to anyone, not just members. If any members have knowledge or first hand knowledge in this area and would like to help with the project please contact Mike Nye or George Dodsworth.