2020 Season Latest Update

Unfortunately we have not been able to start our season’s bowling as we had anticipated. We can’t yet say when this will happen but we optimistically hope to get some bowls in this season. To ensure we are ready to roll when the time comes a team of volunteers is maintaining the green on a weekly basis. Our insurance company have asked for this to be done. Naturally, we are operating well within government guidelines to ensure safety for the volunteers. Our contracted green-keepers have indicated that they cannot maintain the green under present circumstances and we respect their decision.

Meanwhile, the team of five members are maintaining the green while working strictly to safety guidelines and generally there will be no more than three people on club premises at any one time. Two or three will cut the green, at present on a weekly basis. This is all that is needed since there is no play and therefore little wear and tear. Two members will ensure the green is brushed and/or switched every 3 days. Since the green and surrounds are approximately an area of one acre there is plenty of room to work at a distance from others. No one other than members is allowed on the premises until further notice.

Membership fees are more important than ever this year and we are hoping members will rise to the challenge and support the club by paying as normal. We can arrange for your fees to be collected from your home. Eileen Matthews will be happy to discuss any concerns members may have. The management committee will definitely be reviewing fees for next season, 2021, and the committees proposal will be open to discussion at the AGM in October. The team are looking at as many ways as possible to cut costs since other than membership fees our income is negligible. We hope to run the 150 Club draw once we know how many numbers have been paid for. We will inform all members when this is known.