COVID19 Regulations 2021 Season

Last season we implemented procedures to confirm with COVID19 regulations. We are doing the same this season and very member will be informed of requirements. Some of the basics are:

You must sign in and out at every visit even if it is just for two minutes. This is part of our Track and Trace system. This applies to any visitors and children.

Social distancing must be adhered to according to the prevailing regulations at a given time. We all do this in our daily lives so it is no hardship.

Please enter and leave the green by the steps only. This is a health and safety requirement.

Bowls equipment must be sanitized before and after every game. Sanitizing materials will be on every rink.

Please place bottles and cans in the blue bins provided. Other rubbish must be placed in a white poly bag provide in every sanitizing kit and placed in the green general bin at the end of every game.

We know that we all want to keep our fellow members safe and we know you will follow these rules to ensure its happens. So let’s look forward to the season being one of the best.