Short Format Jumbles

Starting on Thursday 29th April at 1.00 pm Eileen Matthews and Pat Johnson are running an additional weekly jumbles competition. The format is designed to make the game a little easier for those members finding it increasingly difficult or tiring to play long jacks. The format is as follows:

Longest Jack at 23 metres and the shortest at 21 metres

Duration 12 ends or 90 minutes maximum

Triples or pairs depending on number of participants

24 players maximum on green under COVID19 regulations

2 Bowls per person. This will be reviewed on May 17th

We are hoping that this venture will encourage some of our senior members to extend their playing careers and show that the old magic is still there. It will also provide a competitive opportunity to any member wishing to hone their short game.

To learn more, please contact either Eileen Matthews or Pat Johnson.