It all started when a young, successful business man, called Alderman W. Clough and nine other like-minded forward thinking colleagues in 1904 purchased two plots of land. One was near Wrekenton and the other in Low Fell from the north end of the present bowling club to the south end of what is at present Craiglelea Nursing Home and gardens. Their aim was to provide grounds for bowls, lawn tennis and golf. In 1905, those Directors set up Lyndhurst Bowling Club Ltd. And soon after almost all shares were sold, enabling the Directors to develop the facilities.

The land at Wrekenton soon became Ravensworth Golf Club, which opened in 1906, and in 1907 it was thought appropriate that the Golf Club became independent. However, the Golf Club and the Bowling Club both recognise their historical allegiance of birth.

In 1905, the Low Fell plot had three tennis courts laid which were opened that year. The bowling green was also laid but opened for play in April 1906.

In 1908, Lord Ravensworth approached the Directors to purchase the land between the tennis courts and Craiglelea to make a road to the land beyond those properties and so Lyndhurst Housing Estate came into being. Craiglelea until then had been rented and was ultimately sold to the tenant.

The Tennis Club was very successful but in 1967 falling membership caused it to close and the land became a market garden. In 1993, the lease of the land was sold in two equal plots with buildings restricted to single storey bungalows which are how things are today.

The Bowling Club, once up and running, the Directors wisely felt that they should be responsible for financial matters and a Management Committee be formed to organise all bowling matters. The Club has continued in this vein since and with both parties acknowledging the duties and responsibilities of the other, both Committees consisting of ordinary members.

There have been many changes over the years , with the green , surrounds and Club house being updated and modernised as appropriate and Alderman Clough would have difficulty in recognising his creation if he were to return.

The purpose of this Bowling Club is to play bowls, a game to be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. At Lyndhurst, we have a number of games known as “Jumbles” where by drawing numbers from a bag, your partners and opponents are decided. This persists until the present and did so during two World Wars when playing members were few. Over the years there have been various competitions organised involving singles, pairs, triples and fours and previous members ultimately donated some splendid trophies for all these competitions. For years now, there are also matches played each year at home and away against other clubs who are regarded as firm friends.

A big change to the Club, occurred in 1980, when a Ladies section was formed with its own Committee and so mixed competitions are also played now.

In 2011, with the Equality Act coming into being in October 2010, it was agreed by all that the Ladies would also be full members.

The Club continues to develop and we continue to look for new members: so why not find out what is behind the wall of 735 Durham Road?